You have a BMW Z1 and would like to make a lot of things (or let them make), but you are missing the time or the heart to do do it yourself?
No problem! - We take care of your Z1, as it is our own car . If you like, we also show you how to do, so you can make it by yourself the next time...

...and what can we do for your car?

The refurbishment of the whole leather in your car, in cooperation with
  • Refurbishment of nubuk and smooth leather
  • tinting of fade out leathers
  • repairing of scratchers
  • leather repair and care
  • recoloring to an other color
  • helpline for questions about leather care
Car Care
  • cleaning and polishing the paint of your car
  • removing micro scratches from the surface
  • wax sealing with Swizöl products
  • coustomer can cooperate, that saves money )
Maintenance of the door mechanik and fittment of additional parts
  • Changing of the door belts incl. a whole cleaning and adjustment for a fixed price
  • Adjustments
  • All other works at the door mechanik
  • Briefing to the secrets of the BMW Z1 door mechanic, so that you can do the next maintenance yourself
  • Developement of special-purpose solutions
Repairs processing and coordination in cooperation with workshops
  • inspections
  • repairs
  • preventive changes of spare and wear parts
...and ofcause we have an open ear for all your questions about the Z1. Please contact us by using the contact form.